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Advanced System Testing

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The SysTest project will work to gather the general body of knowledge about system testing from all available sources, creating both methodology and models to describe it in context of a system life cycle. (See figure below.) For this project, "system testing" includes the broad categories of Verification, Validation, and Testing (VVT) as used in all stages of system development.

In parallel, the project will also seek to gather the known body of knowledge within the specific industries and projects of its partners, again to describe that knowledge in both procedural methodology and in models.

Finally, the project will test the resulting methodology in pilot projects within the partner companies. The tests will be planned to provide quantitative assessment of the methodologies while also offering improvements. The results will be documented and disseminated widely.

Work proceeds in nine Work Packages with content and schedules as shown below. Near-term deliverable results from the project include:

  • (D1.1) A report on current VVT processes and practices (Jul 02)
  • (D1.2) VVT Methodology Requirements for the project (Jul 02)

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